To GSA or not to GSA, That is the Question. GSA Fact & Fiction.

General Services Administration, most commonly referred to as GSA has been in the acquisition business since its establishment in 1949. Before we go any further, let’s see how much you know about the GSA.

  1. According to their Website, the GSA regulated the sale of office supplies to federal agencies and “managed some unusual operations, such as rubber plantations in South America.            True or False
  2. How about this? Federal Schedules including GSA Schedules began with the founding of the GSA in 1949.  True or False
  3. GSA Schedule sales in 2016 were approximately $32B. True or False
  4. About 50% of GSA Schedule holders are small business. True or False
  5. According to the GSA, approximately _________% of the 19,000 GSA Schedules generate sales.    A.   40                   B.   50                C.   60

ANSWERSPlaceholder Image

  1. False: According to GSA Historical Highlights, GSA was formed to dispose of war surplus goods. Part of their original mission was managing and storing government records, taking care of emergency preparedness, and preparing for wartime by stockpiling strategic supplies. GSA also managed “some unusual operations, like hemp plantations in South America.
  2. False: GSA  was thrust into the Schedule business soon after being founded, however, Federal Schedules were originally started by the Treasury Department in 1910.
  3. True: According to the GSA Schedule Sales Query, in FY 2016, total sales using GSA Schedules reached approximately $32 Billion out of a $3.9 Trillion budget. VA Schedules, also managed by GSA took in an additional $14 Billion.
  4. False: Approximately eighty percent (80%) of GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contractors are small businesses who receive thirty six percent (36%) of the sales according to the GSA web site.
  5. A. According to GSA, there are approximately 19,000 GSA MSA Schedules and about forty percent (40%) of them generate sales. That still leaves sixty percent (60%) that don’t.

For more information, see the GSA Schedules.






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