• Latvian Connection, LLC, a contractor headquartered in Healdsburg, California, and Kuwait City, Kuwai has been suspended from the ability to protest for two years by the Government Accounting Office (GAO). The unusual action was taken in the aftermath of 150 bid protests filed in fiscal year 2016 which led to a one-year suspension that expired in August of this year. Many of the protests challenged acquisitions that were awarded years in the past and, according to the GAO, were “typically a collection of excerpts cut and pasted from a wide range of documents having varying degrees of relevance to the procurement.” It did not help their case when, also according to the GAO, Latvian Connection accused agency and GAO officials of being white collar criminals. It seems Latvian Connection did not learn their lesson, filing 10 protests since the suspension expired, and showing many of the same patterns of abuse that led to the previous suspension. The two-year suspension was handed down in a decision announced on November 29.
  • LPTA: Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) contracts for certain complex services such as information technology were recently analyzed by the GAO. According to a recent report,  through the first half of 2017 781 contracts for $10 million and above were awarded. Of the 781, 133 were awarded for information technology and support services. Only nine out of the 133 used the LPTA source selection procedures. The report was developed  to assess “the (1) extent to which DOD used LPTA procedures for certain services, and (2) factors that contracting officials considered when deciding to use LPTA procedures.”
  • ARMY  BUDGET AND CONTRACTING TRENDS: Bloomberg has released a report army1outlining Army Budget and Contracting Trends for Fiscal 2018 and Beyond. Among the trends highlighted are:
    • Increase in Discretionary Defense Funding
    • Increase in Army RDT&E
    • Holding pattern on Weapons and Technology Modernization

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