GSA News and Programs

TRANSACTIONAL DATA REPORTING: Many of you may already be familiar with the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) Pilot Program. The TDR rule, published in June 2016 allows GSA to collect transactional-level data on purchases made through a GSA contract vehicle. Under this rule, vendors electronically report the price the federal government paid for an item or service purchased through GSA acquisition vehicles. For now, the pilot program applies to  selected products and services in the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) program and is optional to current vendors. The pilot Schedules and SINs are shown here. For those vendors who agree to participate, the price reduction clause (PRC) and commercial sales practices (CSP) reporting requirements are eliminated. The goal of the TDR program is to  provide valuable information that helps the government craft smarter buying strategies, allows agencies to make smarter purchasing decisions, enhances competition and gives key intelligence around buying patterns. The differences between TDR and Traditional Offer/Award requirements are shown below.



According to a story in Federal News Radio, the GSA has released five requests for quote (RFQ) under the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) in support of phase one of the new Centers of Excellence initiative for IT modernization. The five CoEs support the IT transformation strategy and “will provide agencies with consulting and engineering services to radically improve the way in which agencies design services and interact with the customers they serve,” according to the RFQ. The solicitations require support services for five areas:

  • Cloud adoption
  • IT infrastructure optimization
  • Customer experience
  • Service delivery analytics
  • Contact center

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