GSA Shortcut for Startups!

business-man-2766703_1280Springboard to a schedule: Did you know that you don’t need two years of experience to go after a Multiple Award Schedule anymore? According to the General Services Administration (GSA) Blog, the new IT Schedule 70 Startup Springboard(link)) program allows small and startup companies to use the professional and project experience of executives and key personnel as a substitute for two years of corporate experience and past performance. You can also provide separate financial documentation to prove financial responsibility instead of two years of financial statements. A part of GSA’s Making It Easier initiative “offers tech startups and young companies an alternative to the two-year professional experience requirement…” The goal is to put the best technology and ideas in the hands of the government as soon as possible. Success stories pointed out by the GSA include Vricon, a provider of imagery solutions. Within a week of obtaining its IT Schedule 70, according to the GSA, Vricon had its first deal, a $2 million contract with the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Since the program began in April, 2016, 13 companies have been added to IT Schedule 70. So, if you are a new company with innovative ideas and technology, check it out. The GSA wants to hear from you.

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