Electronic Protests, Coming to a Solicitation Near You

professEPDS: A proposed rule (81 FR 22197) issued by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) in April, 2016, enacted a statutory requirement of the Consolidated Appropriations Act for 2014, Section 1501, that required an electronic filing and document dissemination system. This system allows parties to file a protest and disseminates documents to all parties through electronic means.  As of effective date of the rule, May 1, 2018, the Electronic Protest Docketing System (EPDS) will be the only means of filing a protest with the Government Accounting Office (GAO) with the exception of protests containing classified information. There is also a requirement for “each person who files a protest under this subchapter to pay a fee to support the establishment and operation of the electronic system.”

GAO will require persons filing a protest to pay a fee to file a protest through EPDS, anticipated to be $350. Additional guidance regarding procedures for payment of the fee is available in the EPDS Instructions.

The proposed rule also addressed  administrative changes to reflect current practice and to streamline the bid protest process.

No Snow for You: Work for the Government? Approved for Telework? Your work place shut down? Holiday, right? WRONG! According to a new rule issued by the Office of Personnel Management that is effective April 10, if your government office shuts down and you are approved to telework you will not be granted weather or safety leave.

OPM Director Dr. Jeff Pon wrote in a memo on the regulation, “Because employees who are participating in a telework program under applicable agency policies are typically able to safely perform work at their approved locations (e.g., their homes), such an employee will generally not be granted weather and safety leave.”

Keep on working!


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